Enrollment Process

Candidates for enrollment and the registration

Candidates For Enrollment

The stu­dent who will pros­per at Veritas …

Is being reared in a fam­i­ly that val­ues aca­d­e­m­ic, spir­i­tu­al, and moral education.

Is from a fam­i­ly which under­stands the home to be the pri­ma­ry edu­ca­tion­al enti­ty in the child’s life, but also sees the val­ue of a pos­i­tive teacher/​mentor and peer group inter­ac­tion in a small-group setting.

Is from a fam­i­ly which seeks an edu­ca­tion that will pre­pare the child to grow in wis­dom and stature, in favor with God and man.

Is a stu­dent who has a strong work eth­ic and has learned to appre­ci­ate the rewards of work well done. This stu­dent will find that while the Ver­i­tas approach may be rig­or­ous, it is not burdensome.

Par­ents are respon­si­ble for order­ing their student’s cur­ricu­lum. We will pro­vide a book­list with the exact ISBN num­bers for each book. Books can be ordered from any book­store, but we sug­gest Home­school Hang­out or Learn­ing Things.


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Decisions about where and how to educate your child are among the most important you will make as a parent. Veritas is committed to the principle that education is a partnership with parents.

We offer a unique hybrid private/homeschool model that combines the best of both worlds - the academic rigor and community of a private school with the flexibility and individualized attention of homeschooling. Our curriculum is rooted in Christian principles and the great ideas of Western civilization, all designed to create life-long learners who pursue truth, beauty, and goodness in all endeavors. Our teachers are passionate about educating the whole person and supporting each student's individual learning journey. We'd be delighted to receive your application today.

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